Watauga County Emergency Services has released that they are using Hyper-Reach to warn citizens about local emergencies, hazards, or other threats. Hyper-Reach will provide rapid notification of hazardous and urgent situations using a mix of telephone calls, text, email messages, and TTY/TDD services for heaing impaired.

Residents of Watauga County can enroll now either by calling or texting "Alert" to (828) 475-8725 or by going online to http://hyper-reach.com/ncwataugasignup.html 

Citizens can also download the free Hyper-Reach Anywhere App on their smartphone that allows individual citizens to manage and monitor the alerts they recieve.

If you are a Avery County Residents: a Hyper-Reach system is already in place for Avery County. For more information about Hyper-Reach for Avery County or to sign up click this link http://www.averycountync.gov/departments/emergency_management.php