How to Gain Access to the Seven Devils Community Center

Seven Devils Community Center is an unmanned facility that is accessed by key fobs. Key fobs are ONLY available to Seven Devils Property Owners. To gain access to Seven Devils Community Center property owners must register for key fobs at New Town Hall and fill out a Community Center Agreement Form during regular business hours; Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm. New Town Hall is located at 157 Seven Devils Road. Each household will receive 1 key fob at no charge. A second key fob will cost $20 and a third will cost $100. Only cash and checks will be accepted for additional fobs. For quicker registration, you may read the Community Center Agreement form below, print, and complete the form before arrival.

Community Center Agreement Form

The Exercise Room

The Exercise Room is equipped with 2 Treadmills, 1 Elliptical, 1 Recumbant Bike, and a Multi-Gym. Exercise Room hours are 5:00am-10:00pm. Each cardio machine has a personal TV attached. Personal corded earbuds or headphones are needed for the TV's attached to the equipment. All exercise equipment must be cleaned before and after use. The Exercise Room is ONLY accessable by key fobs assigned to property owners (more information on how to gain access above). These key fobs are the same to access Seven Devils Community Center.